General Advisory

Experience, objectivity and imagination are essential resources when attempting to deal with difficult business problems or with seminal events in the life cycle of an organization, e.g., a major funding decision, merger, restructuring, risk management processes, etc.  Howell International Inc. has worked with management teams to address numerous challenges successfully.


Even the best companies can experience periods of difficulty or times when hard choices need to be made.  We have a strong background in helping companies redeploy assets and/or liabilities to address financial stress or to improve performance.

Business Plans

Business planning is important on many levels and at almost any stage of an organization's life cycle.  Howell International Inc. has helped companies develop professional and useful business plans.  Our Firm has also provided useful critiques to plans that have already been developed.  As part of this process we have also been asked to create detailed financial forecasts for our clients.

Industry Focus

Howell International Inc. is comfortable working with most industries, but recently we have had the privilege of working particularly closely with companies in the food chain around the world and we can provide useful insights into this market. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Successful companies invariably attract suitors.  We have worked with management teams through the process of selling companies in private transactions.  Although our Firm has not focused on "buy-side" mandates, we are often approached by entities interested in acquiring companies.

"Virtual CFO"

Howell International Inc. has particularly enjoyed its role as advisor to young companies.  This role can either take shape as arms length advisory or as a more formal "virtual CFO" role.  As a "virtual CFO" we assume a temporary but in-depth position on the managerial team.

Joint Ventures

Our experience with joint ventures is primarily in the international arena, where we have worked with major international organizations to identify and develop joint venture opportunities. For companies new to international markets, we are able to provide an international network capable of providing useful market intelligence and reliable introductions.  


Almost all companies have external funding needs.  Howell International Inc. has worked to maximize capital structures and develop financing strategies for all types of corporate needs. We have also assisted companies in preparing for, and in making, effective presentations to lenders and investors.